Please add Pinterest as a Social Network!
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There are no plans for a native Pinterest Integration at this time. Please use the Tailwind for Pinterest App available in our Hootsuite App Directory.


  • This should be in your plans as Pinterest has become a critical social media site for many businesses. 
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    I agree. I don't understand why it's not in your plans, Pinterest is becoming an important social media. Tailwind doesn't integrate well with Hootsuite. Besides, your competitors Buffer and Coschedule have the feature, so technically you should be able to implement it as well.
  • It should absolutely be a planned integration.  I would pay a couple more bucks per month for my Hootsuite Pro plan if it integrated with Pinterest than pay $10/mo for Tailwind ON TOP of what I pay Hootsuite for Pro.  It is critical to many businesses and should be planned.
  • I do not like the Tailwind for Pinterest as the app does not connect to our company Pinterest account very well and I have had issues with posts not going through. This should absolutely be a part of your planned integration, if it doesn't become one, we can look for other social clouds that can do this.
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