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Hi, I work on hootsuite for 4 businesses and it would be so handy to have Instagram messaging available like you do for Facebook and Twitter, it's easy to miss messages without it being available on hootsuite. 
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    Hi, Inbox and DM  features are vital for our customers. Many followers send DM instead of clicking profile links and seek information on any website. So missing or replying messages late is a problem for brand accounts. There must be a way to manage, reply and report these messages via Hootsuite.
  • I agree with JackieO.  You need to be able to manage Instagram Direct messages directly from a Hootsuite stream the same way that you do for Facebook.  Surely this must be possible.  The whole point of Hootsuite is that you don't have to keep going in and out of the native social media app.
  • As an API developer, there are only certain avenues and streams available to Hootsuite, not because of lack of ability but restrictions on the output/input of the API itself.  If you've done any amount of posting through IG, you understand the restricted use of the API whereas, you have to post from your mobile device in order for it to be pushed live.  In the same manner, IG has a restricted version of what can be 'called' via services in order for it to be read and then written back out to their app.  Therefore, while you're able to view streams and get basic account info, unfortunately, DMing to your followers is a restriction I don't see IG opening up anytime soon.
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