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Vernon_J_: @Hootsuite_Help I actually do have a question.

Using beta on Android & the widgets are no longer an option with the latest update.
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  • Same issue here. App just updated and they are gone. Have they been removed?
  • Android Ver widget gone missing
  • Same here :(  Widget has disappeared from my screen and can not be selected in the the list of widgets to place it back. Hootsuite version on Android 7.0.
  • Same here.  Is this a bug or a removed feature!?
  • Just learned that HootSuite is discontinuing widget feature. Big deal breaker. Will be exploring alternatives such as Tweetcaster! 
  • I've been told some users didn't use it so they decided to remove it. Too bad for those who were using it, like us. It was very useful
  • Lol, widget was the main reason I used Hootsuite.

    I have to move to Tweety now, it seems it's the only remaning app that allow to show Lists in a widget.. (even if I preferred the Hootsuite widget)
  • Mehh why discontinue widget feature? It's the reason I use Hootsuite! Why not just leave it there without future support/updates?!
  • Very disappointed. I'll use Hootsuite less as a result. Thanks for the Tweety tip.
  • I would like this feature brought back. I use it a lot to share content on Hootsuite. It's useful to share images and videos from within Whatsapp. YOur reps say that it is an overhead to maintain this widget. Can you elaborate on that as to what is so much of an overhead to keep such a useful feature?
  • Please restore - I used this feature a lot 
  • Please bring the widget back. It's very useful!

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  • I would like the widget back. While some users may not use it, there are those of us that do.
  • People need their widgets!
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