Please make HootSuite accessible! Enable ALT Text for Twitter & FB and all social media! I run the SM for a library that serves the visually disabled. It's very important!
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  • Absoutely urgent. Please add this accessibility feature--this should be top of your lest. How is Hootsuite so far behind Twitter in this? (and Twitter was sadly behind the curve)
  • Ditto - Hootsuite is woefully lacking in accessibility features. I am fairly new to Hootsuite and was shocked to learn that there is no way to add alt-text as image descriptions for the blind and visually impaired who use screen readers. Twitter supports this feature so I hope Hootsuite implements it very soon.
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    Please add this. I was so happy that Twitter added alt text as a feature, and then was bummed when I realized it won't work via HootSuite. I could manually create accessible image posts directly on Twitter, but that defeats the purpose of using HootSuite. We don't preschedule a ton, but this would really help. As accessibility becomes more of a focus, this really could affect how companies choose with third-party tool to use, especially when paying for the premium versions (not just the free version). Thanks for considering!
  • Is this being looked at? I'm currently having to post directly on Twitter or look into alternative platforms to schedule tweets. Frustrating as this is 50% of what I use Hootsuite for.
  • Please add developing this feature to your roadmap for 2018! 
  • Please add this feature in. Not having image descriptions or alt-text options is not accessible for our visually impaired followers/fans. 
  • Agree!
  • Can someone from Hootsuite please respond to this thread? I also support adding an ALT text for images to serve the needs of our visually impaired followers.
  • I'm very eager for Hootsuite to add this feature. We have multiple accounts that we post to and it is very inconvenient to have to log in to every Twitter account to add a picture and alt text.. 
  • Do we have any update on when we might get alt text into twitter here?
  • +1 This is very important for accessibility.
  • Hi, any updates of this being included in the roadmap? 
  • Honestly, I'm at the point where I need to decide which service to go with for the next year and I'm likely to head over to Buffer because they have alt-tags.  If I can't make my content accessible, then I'm not reaching my total audience.
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