Please make HootSuite accessible! Enable ALT Text for Twitter & FB and all social media! I run the SM for a library that serves the visually disabled. It's very important!
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  • Absoutely urgent. Please add this accessibility feature--this should be top of your lest. How is Hootsuite so far behind Twitter in this? (and Twitter was sadly behind the curve)
  • Ditto - Hootsuite is woefully lacking in accessibility features. I am fairly new to Hootsuite and was shocked to learn that there is no way to add alt-text as image descriptions for the blind and visually impaired who use screen readers. Twitter supports this feature so I hope Hootsuite implements it very soon.
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    Please add this. I was so happy that Twitter added alt text as a feature, and then was bummed when I realized it won't work via HootSuite. I could manually create accessible image posts directly on Twitter, but that defeats the purpose of using HootSuite. We don't preschedule a ton, but this would really help. As accessibility becomes more of a focus, this really could affect how companies choose with third-party tool to use, especially when paying for the premium versions (not just the free version). Thanks for considering!
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