Add Google+ Pages/Profiles to Mobile apps

Please add Google+ as a social network!
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  • Yes please! Just switched from a Windows Phone (no hootsuite app available) to an Android phone. Now I can finally start using the Hootsuite ap. Only to find out that the Google+ channel doesn't exist in the app. Why is that? It's available in the website and in the mobile web, why not in the app? Isn't it just a channel that can be added like all the others?

  • I would also like to see this for the Android app. How difficult can it really be after doing it for the web app?
  •  ok, then your suite is great ... I keep using it, hope my wife (she's using Iphone and was looking for one app) is using it ...
    she is working in beauty center and posts all the time some pix and stories ... and it is some work to do it on all plattforms ...
    ... the google+ helps a little bit for getting better ranking, it would be greate to have support there ... 
  • Agreed with above. 
  • same here - why is google plus unavailable on mobile?!
  • How is this not a thing still? Will have to look elsewhere as this is critical for us
  • Update?  Still no?
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