More customized visibility in the Publisher Calendar View

I would like to work with Calendar view and do the following three things..

Print the calendar in calendar view

Color-code to show type of content, for example blue for articles, red for videos, green for promotions

See what social network is being used without having to click on it.

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  • Hi, HootSuite Team.

    I agree. I would like to be able to color code my calendar based upon whether I'm sharing original content, curated content, or an update, etc. Having 10-15 distinct colors to customize our calendars would be an extremely helpful visual for planning our weeks. Thanks for a great product.

    Best Regards:
    Leigh Clayborne
  • Agreed! I use the Calendar view in Publisher to plan my content. Would be great to see, at a glance, the SM outlet for each post (FB, Twitter, IG, LI, etc). The Past Scheduled could stay the same Green/Red (though it would be nice to see what I've done in the past. Color coding would help me to see which outlets need more attention (aside from my Analytics).

    Mark Lusk
    MVMT Physical Therapy
  • I would love to see one color for each social media on Publisher Calendar. It would be so useful.
  • I would love to see at least one color for each social media on Publisher Calendar. It would be so useful.
  • I would like to be able to organise and schedule our business' social accounts in an easy efficient manor, And be able to easily look at the publisher and know what messages are going to each platform. I don't like the filtering option as you are no longer seeing your social schedule as a whole and doesn't give you a good idea of your planned social presence as a company. 

    Example given below..... This is something simple that even most calender and scheduling software and apps have as a feature, it allows for easy visualisation of dates, times and platforms. To maximise planning your social presence. For a user who is paying for Hootsuite's services this is a *must* it is a very simple feature that is lacked with Hoot Suite. 

  • I agree would be a huge improvement! 
  • Currently on Publisher, the unfiltered view of the calendar does not provide any way of quickly identifying which posts are due to be posted to which platform. Everything is simply highlighted blue. I've looked at Later, and although they use thumbnails on their calendar, they have the same problem. I think it would be a really useful addition to the unfiltered view, to add some colour or symbol which, at a glance, would make it obvious that a particular post is due to be posted to a particular platform. 
  • I agree! Would be great to see what channels are scheduled at a glance by each one being a different color, not all blue. Would make my life SO much better. 
  • Yes, at the very least, recommend that the streams of already posted content have an option to grey scale them if not able to pick custom colors.  
  • We are currently debating whether to stay with Hootsuite and if customized colour coordination was added to the Publisher view, that would really entice us to stay.
  • Completely agree with oshawageneralsmedia, would love to see the ability to colour code scheduled message by platform - or account if you have multiple brands under a parent company within your account.  
  • +1 
    I also wish my posts for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook had different colors in Publisher view! It would save me from having to click on each post all the time.
    Love your product! Please please please make this happen!
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