More customized visibility in the Publisher Calendar View

I would like to work with Calendar view and do the following three things..

Print the calendar in calendar view

Color-code to show type of content, for example blue for articles, red for videos, green for promotions

See what social network is being used without having to click on it.

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  • Hi, HootSuite Team.

    I agree. I would like to be able to color code my calendar based upon whether I'm sharing original content, curated content, or an update, etc. Having 10-15 distinct colors to customize our calendars would be an extremely helpful visual for planning our weeks. Thanks for a great product.

    Best Regards:
    Leigh Clayborne
  • Agreed! I use the Calendar view in Publisher to plan my content. Would be great to see, at a glance, the SM outlet for each post (FB, Twitter, IG, LI, etc). The Past Scheduled could stay the same Green/Red (though it would be nice to see what I've done in the past. Color coding would help me to see which outlets need more attention (aside from my Analytics).

    Mark Lusk
    MVMT Physical Therapy
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