Dynamic Query String Per Platform/Account

Working to track engagement for specific posts and updates from platforms, my thought would be that a nice feature would be the ability to tag links to an associated website with different query strings based on platform.

For instance, to be able to create a status update that links back to a blog post on your main website that you want to share across all your social channels. It would nice if I could just enter the blog post URL once like (https://mydomain.com/blog/blogpost-title) and Hootsuite would automatically ad some tracking URL query strings to my specifications.

The initial obvious option would be to easily create Google Analytics specific campaign query strings for utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_content, etc. But in addition to those, be able to create my own custom query strings to append to the URL like "trkr=hstw" to let me know this link came from a Hootsuite (hs) update on the Twitter (tw) platform.

Although in this example it would be somewhat duplicated, the actual final URL would be something like the following before getting shortened.

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  • My God, YES. I don't for the life of me understand how Hootsuite hasn't made this happen. Having a source or medium of "Hootsuite" isn't helpful, and having to essentially manually tag each individual link just to get the correct source is a real pain. Do it like Buffer does: paste in the link, have the campaign tagging appear automatically.
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