Create a Twitter Full Citation Stream

Today for Twitter we have many kind of stream:
- mention = @mynickname
- retweet = the tweets I retweeted
- search

Twitter changes and there'are different new way to engage a twitter:
- reply / mention
- retweet
- citation

Hootsuite now has't a solution.
A found an easy trick with a (search) query like this:
[mynickname] -from:[mynickname]
This stream shows all kind of interaction with our tweets ("likes" excluded) and may replace @mention stream.

If you want only citation (like Marta suggested to me on help forum, you can use:
[mynickname] -from:[mynickname] -@[mynickname]

So Hootsuite: you should think to integrate it like a new kind of stream ;)

Merlinox aka Riccardo Mares
Digital Manager, SEO, HootAmb, #AsicsFrontRunnerItaly
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