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Twitter recently updated their character limit from 140 to 280, but Hootsuite still has the 140 character limit when constructing a Tweet on the app. and on Desktop. Will there be an update for this? Thanks! 
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This has been implemented as of November 10th! All users now have access to 280 characters via Twitter.


  • Seconding this. Our Communications team wanted to schedule Tweets to coincide with a TV show airing after hours. They had to post updates in the native app because they couldn't fit their 280 character Tweet into the publisher.
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    *Bump* guess this needs to move to 'planned'  :D
  • Yup. 280 characters will be live for all user by Tuesday Evening: 
  • Any update on this, Hootsuite??
  • It appears that Hootsuite is still limiting my brands to 140 instead of 280... ETA on the update, Hootsuite?
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  • Hi guys, Hootsuite have said on Twitter that they're awaiting the API to be released by Twitter and will roll out 280 characters as soon as this happens. 
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    That's BS the API has already been updated..  they just need to update their stuff 

    All other clients has updated.. 

  • I wish all the third party apps would update their apps at the same time...
  • Ridiculous... this needs to happen ASAP!
  • Agree! We use Hootsuite regularly to schedule out posts for our brand. They need to get on this asap. 
  • Core functionality now, needs to happen soon. Find myself having to switch to the twitter site already!
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    Do we have a timeline for this yet? As it's become a core feature this should be Hootsuite's number one priority.
  • Just adding my voice to the choir. This needs to happen sooner rather than later! I've got a lot a scheduling to do and would really like to take advantage of the new character limit ASAP!
  • Yep, still looking for it on Hootsuite. 280 where are you? 
  • Wow, Hootsuite. You do realize that people use Hootsuite for Twitter management, right?
  • How has this still not been updated? It's not like Hootsuite didn't know this was coming and waiting for the release of the AIP is obviously a BS reason too. I just got an email from saying their platform has just been updated. Come on Hootsuite, get your act together already!!
  • I'd say seconded or thirded on this but 19thed is apparently where we're at
  • We were told that they are in 'talks with twitter' to get this rolled out. It would be safe to assume they will be updating pretty soon. Prefer to think positive, as in last 8+ years they have been pretty good with being honest, helpful and prompt in Customer Service and Delivery. Here's hoping! 
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  • Lmao it's basic coding with APII can do it.. damn..
  • Hootsuite, please hurry! There is posting to be done!
  • When will this be fixed??
  • Seriously, Hootsuite, did you not get the memo that Twitter was going to 280 characters? How can you not be ready for this? This weekend is a stat holiday and I've got tons of scheduling to do.
  • How is it possible that a task as simple as extending characters from 140 to 280 in a field you have planned for a week? Amazing!...  :|
  • C'mon Hootsuite, this is embarrassing. My clients want 280 characters and Ican;t schedule those in via Hootsuite. Pull your finger out - how hard can it be?
  • Why hasn't this been rolled out yet??
  • update from hootsuite: We are currently working on ensuring that the 280 character limit is implemented in Hootsuite, and hope to have an update released early next week. Thanks for your patience while we work on implementing this!
  • Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your feedback. The 280 character limit has been implemented to 100% of users as of 3:30PM PST today.

    Thanks for your patience while we worked to ensure that this was implemented, and happy Tweeting!

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