Low priced plan for individuals who only use few social media streams

I like Hootsuite but as an individual £16 a month (£192/year) is a lot of money to pay out to schedule my posts.  Free accounts holders are already used to only scheduling on 3 social media streams (we don't need 10) but we do need to schedule more than 30 posts (which is actually only 10 posts x 3 social media streams).   I believe this has come in for some / is due to come in for the rest on 10th October.

I understand Hootsuite need to make some money on these 'free accounts' but a suggestion would be to have low priced account for individuals/organisations/charities at something like £3/$4 per month or an annual fee which allows just one user, still just 3 social media streams but allows us to post a good amount of posts - maybe 600 max to be scheduled in advance (we don't need unlimited posts but need more than 30).

I'm think there could be a lot of people who wouldn't mind paying this amount per month to continue to use Hootsuite once the restriction of 30 posts comes in but £16/mth for your lowest plan is way beyond the budgets for a lot of people who enjoy using your well designed platform but need to schedule more than 30 posts in advance (which is actually just 10 posts x 3 social media streams) and I think will soon be migrating to other websites.

I hope Hootsuite take my suggestion into consideration.   

Please post below if this is something you may consider after the 30 post restriction for the free accounts comes in on 10th Oct

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  • Yes, definitely something we could consider!
  • How about really simplifying it further?  Free accounts for 1 user and one stream with say a 50 message scheduled limit.  I segregate my social media usage with one platform for business and one for social.  With those parameters, I only use Hootsuite to schedule posts to my business social media account.  I understand that Hootsuite is a business and needs to make money, but restrictions like this will drive me away before they get me to upgrade.
  • I don't give a rat’s hindquarters about multiple media accounts. (A couple, who are moving full-time into social media, have bought paid accounts.) Would rather NOT have that feature, and keep the option of just having an open queue to toss stuff in as it crosses our minds. The Analytics, Assignments, Campaigns? I glanced at them. Once. Don’t want them. I just need that queue to toss quick (140-character) thoughts into once in a while.

    The jump from free to $240 a year is too much. That’s an unmanageable hurdle, not remotely possible even in my dreams. $24 a year for just the basics? I could handle that. I'd be eager to pay that: the basic service rocks. Well, used to rock. 


  • I schedule 10-12 tweets a day for up to 2 weeks due to my own busy schedule. This will KILL me. I don't need  multiple media accounts, Analytics, Assignments, or  Campaigns. I just need a place to "feed the beast". I have been using HootSuite for free for years and tout it as the industry's best kept secret. Not any more! I will definately be checking out other places to go like TweetDeck, Later, contentstudio.io . Sad, sad, sad day...
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