I’m seriously disappointed with the upcoming limits.

With this announcement, Hootsuite just dropped from “heroes” to “Meh, just one of dozens” in my book. From "These guys are amazing!" to "Oh, they're just in it for the money, like everybody else."  I liked having you on my hero list. I suggested you to all my friends, literally thousands of people. I can’t do that any more.

Most of my friends (nor do I myself) give a rat’s hindquarters about multiple media accounts. (A couple who are moving full-time into social media have bought your expensive accounts; that's what they're for.) I'd rather NOT have multiple accounts and keep the option of just having an open queue to toss stuff in as it crosses our minds. The Analytics, Assignments, Campaigns? I glanced at them. Once. Don’t want them. I just need that queue to toss quick (140-character) thoughts into once in a while.

The jump from free to $240 a year is too much. That’s an unmanageable hurdle, not remotely possible even in my dreams. That's for pro's. I'm not a pro. 

I’ve been using ToDoIst. They, like you used to, have a competent free service, and an optional paid service. Their paid service is $25 a year. I bought that one. I’d be eager to pay $25 a year for your service. But $240? You have a lot of people - I'd venture to guess ten times as many of us - that would be willing to pay $25 but can't pay $240. 

I’m really sorry. I’ve loved working with you over the years. I’ll miss depending on you, counting on you. I’m sorry to see you go.


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    I second on this, we have moved to the contentstudio.io and loving it so far.

    We used hootsuite for several months, but after their recent limits it does not make sense to pay while there are better alternatives out there.
  • I third it! I schedule 9 posts a week 4-6+ weeks out. I'm just starting out, and $19 a month for convenience isn't worthwhile for me right now. Once my blog takes off, yes, I was planning to switch to paid. Not so much now.

    I've canceled my December posts and moved all my Twitter posts to TweetDeck to cut down on my Hootsuite queue.

    I just downloaded an app called Later that has free limits that work for me (30/mo each Pinterest, FB, and Insta; 50/ mo Twitter). I'll plan to start using it ASAP and move to it if I like it. Hootsuite has been great, but the new limits just don't work for me.
  • I agree. If few people schedule more than 30 tweets, it won't cost you anything to leave it as it is! 

    I don't want the analytics or multiple accounts. Wouldn't mind paying $25 a year but not  a large amount a month. 
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    I'll second this. Having the next option after free being full-blown professional is quite an enormous jump. There should be several stages between those. What about an option for simple everyday people like me. What about another option for small communities like church social groups or local volunteer non-profit organizations. What about... I could go on and on. Hootsuite needs to hire some kind of professional marketing person to think of things like this. If they want to be taken seriously as a professional company they need to have someone coming up with these things on their own.
  • I have been scedueling up to 4 posts a day on 3 platforms with Hootsuite. If the new change happens, I can only premake 2,5 days worth of posts. And that is not do able when you are still a students and do this for fun on the side. 

    Thinking about quiting Hootsuite now and finding something else.. 
  • I schedule 10-12 tweets a day for up to 2 weeks due to my own busy schedule. This will KILL me. I don't need  multiple media accounts, Analytics, Assignments, or  Campaigns. I just need a place to "feed the beast". I have been using HootSuite for free for years and tout it as the industry's best kept secret. Not any more! I am glad some of you have told me about other places to go like TweetDeck, Later, contentstudio.io . Sad, sad, sad day...
  • This really kills my job, I schedule it for 4 or 6 days in advance.
    I do not have time to do it every day.
    Some time ago I did the upgrade, but then I returned to the service for free because you can not upload photos to the scheduled lots.

    The argument that most do not use more than 40 scheduled tuis, is pure garbage. Improve the conditions of the service if we are forced to pay it !!
  • The new limits are well.. limiting for lack of a better word.  It's really disappointing.  I migrated all of my content to Cloud Campaign, which has been a great experience so far!
  • Unbelievable .... 
  • I must concur with the complainants.  The new limitations are akin to blackmail.  While I can understand a reasonable limitation for 'free' users, 30/day is a bit of overkill ESPECIALLY when you multiply each 'message' by the number of platforms it reaches ... this is 'tripple dipping.'  By this formula, one cannot cover 6 hours offline.  And most of us cannot stay online posting and answering 24/7.  I, for one, communicate with followers around the world in all time zones.

    For those of us who make no money off our online activities this is more than 'inconvenient.'  And, for those of us who do this as a hobby in retirement on a fixed income, ANY additional cost added to our cost of living is more than we can handle.  I for one do not have an extra $19/month to take out of our budget.

    To compound the situation even further, the 'system' is not working as promoted.  I removed all but ONE post for the rest of the day (to 3 platforms at 9:05 PM MST) and it STILL shows I have 76 messages scheduled out of 30 allowed, will not let me post ... won't even let me communicate with HootSuite_Help.

    This will just force us to find another platform/dashboard to use and definitely does give us cause to question the bragging we have done about what a great platform HootSuite is.  This is more like what we expect from Facebook:  "It will always be free (BUT, we will limit reach, control how many friends you have and find every other way we can to make you pay).  
  • This limit thing is bad for me... I was hoping to use this platform more for other clients, but I only have one now. I want to load all the things at once only a few times per year for this client. As others have said, I am fine with the idea of it not being free, but it's not worth $20 a month for me. If there were a cheaper yearly fee for small users who want unlimited loading, I would pay it, because I would really like it, and I recognize it as a feature. Just not 20$ worth per month feature.
  • Well they've done it. So Hootsuite. It's been fun. I'll miss ya. You did this well, but jumping from "Free" to $228 annually is not doable for an individual. 
    Others who read this thread, you might try Twittimer. I like it so far.
  • Here's the link to Twittimer's getting started page: 
  • Seriously, Hootesuite??? This is insane. I have been using and promoting your platform for almost five years. I am a solopreneur just posting news for my network against which I earn zero income. I refuse to pay more for posting on social media than I do for my CRM (Salesforce at $60/year!) just to schedule in advance. This is egregious and I too will be looking for another platform ASAP. So sad... :(
  • We are in the same boat. 10 posts x 3 is a nuisance! I can see minimizing to 30X per social media platform. Thanks for chopping us off at the knees HooteSuite! As a small business we can't afford the upgraded fees for the little extras that we won't use. At this time, we will need to look for other sharing platforms. Let us know when you widen your new rule of 30 posts to at least 30 posts per social media account.
  • I switched to Publer. With the free plan they allow you up to 5 social accounts and up to 10 pending scheduled posts PER social account, so if you think about it, 50 pending scheduled posts in total, which is enough for me as a daily user.
  • Cloud Campaign recently added $5/mo plan that doesn't have any posting limits and even includes 7-day analytics
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