Lower Priced Options For Single Accounts and Unlimited Scheduling

So... I love 90% of using your service (I do have one major issue with how the interface automatically identifies and locks in accounts, sometimes wrongly, and then makes it extremely difficult to turn it back to text or correct it) and I do think it is absolutely the best of these types of services.  Because of that, I have constantly recommended your service to others.

However, I am an individual who doesn't make any money or charge at all for what I do as part of supporting the community of people I schedule tweets for.  I only need support for a single account but absolutely need a large (if not unlimited) scheduling ability.  I have been using a free account up to this point and have honestly felt a little guilty because you are a business that provides a great service that I wish to support.  My problem is that your lowest cost option of $240 per year, while worth it for a business who has many different accounts across multiple platforms and is  utilizing all of your account and analytics options, is just way too much for me to take out of my pocket.

If you were to offer an option at $60 per year for what I essentially was getting with the free account until you changed the policy to being able to schedule only 30 tweets at a time (I have between 20-30 scheduled each day), I would gladly sign up.  However, I just can't justify even your lowest cost option and therefore must switch to TweetDeck which I consider to be an inferior option to you.  Hopefully, you will take this suggestion seriously and create a low cost plan for individuals such as myself (if not increase the schedule limits on free accounts to something at least workable rather than just 30).
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  • I am also considering changing posting services.

    I'm a single user with multiple platforms. I only use this to post to those multiple platforms. I could care less about the analytics & reports & team features & such - I won't be using them anytime soon if ever, and I resent paying for them when I never use them & have no intention of doing so.

    A lower-priced option would be great! I would happily pay $60 or even $90 a year for the service, but this $25-30 a month is ridiculous.

    I've been with Hootsuite for years... with a free account before the charges began!
    I'll give it maybe one more month while I research other options, but without a lower-cost subscription option, you're losing another user.

    Not everyone wants the bells & whistles.
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