Hootlet for the new Firefox Quantum

Could you all make the Hootlet available for the new Firefox Quantum browser? As of now it's still listed as a legacy extension.
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  • Second that! I rely on Hootlet to do some of my shares, and apparently none of the Legacy extensions will work after Firefox 57 rolls out in a couple of weeks! Please update with the new API. Otherwise, I'll have to go back to Buffer, which HAS updated (and which I didn't really like).
  • AGREED!  Just updated to the new Firefox Quantum and I really miss the Hootlet.  I relied on that NUMEROUS times every single day when sharing to several social media sites.  PLEASE make it available for Quantum!
  • How can this possibly be labelled as "Unplanned" by the  Hootsuite team. This is the most recent version of Firefox. It was announced as upcoming by Mozilla months ago. Firefox is one of the three most popular browsers currently on the market. How could they not be prepared for this? Hootsuite is rapidly becoming a joke.
  • Unplanned?
    Cancelling my pro acocunt then :(
  • Please add support.  I need Hootlet.  I didn't realize I was going to lose support by upgrading.  Everyone says "Upgrade when offered on all software!!"  Why wouldn't I do this?  Please add support.  I like Hootlet and use it a lot.  My son is trying to move me to Buffer (which does support Quantum).  Please make this happen.  It can't be that big of a deal for people as prolific as you guys have been.  Thanks.
  • This is a deal breaker for me. The Hootlet is what distinguished Hootsuite from other Social media dashboards.
  • This is a must also for me, and my paid account doesn't make any sense if the Hootlet doesn't work. Please update it as soon as possible!
  • I'm waiting for a solution too.
    Please Do something!
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    The Hootlet in Firefox is so valuable - please update it for Firefox Quantum.
  • I am eagerly awaiting this as well. Or any solution making sharing on Hootsuite from Firefox Quantum less tedious.
  • Another vote for Hootlet in Firefox Quantum. The new Firefox blows away Chrome, but Hootlet helps me manage my social media posts and quickly post articles that may be of interest.
  • It is imperative that you develop Hootlet for Firefox Quantum as this is what made you guys stand out from the competition. Many use it....
  • Needed asap, please! It's a crucial part of my social networking flow and I work primarily with Firefox.
  • Disappointing. I also use the Hootlet. I can't believe you would just let it die for Firefox users. I won't be changing browsers to use Hootsuite, but I may be changing social media platforms to get one that works in my browser.
  • So since this is still unplanned, can anyone recommend a replacement?
  • So I've waited several months after seeing this thread, with the expectation that the uproar from Firefox users might influence HootSuite to pay attention to this. So now Im giving up on Hootsuite for this one single reason. As a developer, I know it isnt that major of an effort to produce a FF Quantum plugin but is more difficult than prev versions.  Seriously painful as I have been a dedicated HS user for years. Just shameful to leave all these paying customers hanging.
  • When are you going to make Hootlet available for Firefox Quantum. I don't want to use Chrome and feel you are forcing me down that route. I have used Firefox for years and don't want to change. You are willing to  take my money but are not providing the solution I want.
  • Just adding my voice as well to this request. Apart from Tagging, this appears to be the most popular suggestion in the Feedback list. Would be great if Hootsuite acknowledged that.
  • Bump.

    FF Quantum users are still waiting.

    Mozilla was very good about advising developers about the impending changes.
  • Very disappointed to not see this prioritized. HootSuite should be consistently compatible across multiple browsers including Firefox.
  • This should've been completed on day 1. Buffer had their FF57 extension out as soon as it released.
  • A very must. I prefer to stop using Hoostsuite than stop using Firefox
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