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I've been using Hootsuite for Android for the past few years, and though I've enjoyed it so far, I did not really like the latest update, which is a big change from the previous one.
As a result, I'm not using Hootsuite for Android as much as I used to, and I'm using the web dashboard instead. 

While I enjoy all the updates and am excited about the new features, I miss all the things which made me tweet in the first place and I find the latest update as not convenient as it was. 

Here is a list with all the features I loved and would love them back:

- Colored tweets: in my timeline, the tweets that I sent were yellow, and the ones where I was mentioned were green. Not only did it add some colors in my newsfeed, but it was also very useful.

- Quoting: whenever I was quoting tweets, there were 2 links in the tweets I was about to send: the first one was the link of the article, and the second one was the image link so it would appear in my timeline. With the latest update, the image link is gone, which does not make any sense when I'm sending the tweet. However, it still appears on the (mobile) web dashboard, and I hope it will remain this way. I want it back on the Hootsuite apps.

- Timestamp: before the latest update, I could see in my timeline what time a tweet was sent. Instead of saying "sent 5 hours ago", for example, it said "sent at 17:38", which helped me find my position in the timeline. I also want it back as it was very convient.

- Widget: the widget was the latest feature which was removed from the latest update. Once again, it helped me find my position in my timeline. It also had nice features which made me want to use the app even more. Many users used (including myself) and we were not happy when we found that out.

I suggest you implement them back, as it will help you send the product better. Long time users will be very happy to see them again, they will be satisfied, and you may gain new users as well.

I hope you will be able to take my suggestions into account and will implement them soon. I miss those features and I am sure I am not the only one.

Thanks for reading!
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