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Hi there,

What is wrong with your publisher??? Since the new update. I can no longer upload picture for instagram eventhough i have change the ratio.
The problem is i can direct publish the picture without adjusting the ratio using instagram. But with with hootsuite i cannot.
Can u just remove the stupid ratio request????
Because of this ratio problem only make your app sucked.

Your app way too good before the recent update.

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  • Same.
    There is nothing wrong with the pictures. Never had a problem before, & can post directly to ig just fine!
    Please fix ASAP! Cannot schedule any IG posts! 
  • I have had to download another app so i can schedule my instagram posts as your app sadly not working anymore due to this ratio nonsense Please fix this issue asap as it was great before
  • Yes. Happening with us too. My boss said to cancel our plan if it isn't fixed asap. We are having to do our Instagram posts manually. So...what are we paying hootsuite for?
  • Same here. Now I have to find another app. 
  • I am having the same issue please what a nightmare for a social media corporate company to have this not functionable. The app was phenomenal other than that and ever since then it has caused me nothing but grief please fix
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    I need to know if this will be fixed. If it isn't i won't be using this app anymore. 
  • The whole point of using Hootsuite over other scheduling apps was the Instagram feature. Suddenly, that doesn't work anymore! Still not fixed! It causes so much inconvenience. Dear, Hootsuite, it's high time you guys fixed the IG ratio issue.
  • oh geeze.. and I just scheduled my first test IG image post for tomorrow morning...
  • Having same problem trying to upload a square picture ... what is happening and when will this be fixed ¿¿¿
  • Same problem fix it please I already paid annual subscription very upsetting
  • Having the same issue. During bulk message upload I saw errors, but because the posts were going out on FB and IG, I now can't find all the ones that claimed to have errors. Talk about frustrating!
  • Hootsuite:
    Please help us continue to use your services and app and fix the issue with the aspect ratio error message.  My photos ARE in the right ratio, but Hootsuite will no longer accept them.  PLEASE... give us some help.
  • What is the other app?
  • Has anyone received a response from hootsuite yet?

    When you have to manually post to Instagram you can just turn on the post to Facebook and Twitter and do it's all at the same time.

    If they don't fix the Instagram feature there is no sense in using them anymore. 

    Any other app suggestions? That work. 
  • They said they would get back with me.

    This lack of acknowledgement of a problem is frustrating. If they would just say "yes, we know and are working on it" that would go a long way. 

    So....while they are waiting to get back with me...I am going to try crowdfire. 
  • The app was just updated on my phone and now I too cannot post to Instagram.
  • Same problem here
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    After today's update I can't post my scheduled posts any more. I can't even edit the scheduled post to copy my text. The post is stuck in nirvana   :# fix asap
    When I try to post the post it only says image download failed.
  • After the update of today, I can at least post the post on the 2nd attempt, like it used to be all the time.
    On the first attempt, it still shows "error loading image" but after a refresh the 2nd attempt works. 
  • agreed. address this please...

  • i don’t know why i can’t post my whole photo without the stupid white bars to make the photo in the ratio they want?! instagram give us this feature why i can’t use through hootsuite? 
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